Team News



It's that time of year again. Bylaw revision season. Since so many people have been asking for a copy of the bylaws to review before the vote, they have been uploaded here for download. If you have trouble accessing the document, please contact Wil Thomason.


Flash Game Fun!

Thanks to our new game designer/programmer/bored freshman, we have an awesome new game! It's called the Reggae Cannon, and there is an awesome story behind that, one that you should email us if you want to hear. The game is simple, choose your ammunition, aim, and fire! There are some hidden secrets though, good luck finding them! Enjoy!


Now Meeting Weekly

Just to let those of you who may be slightly behind know: we are now meeting on a regular weekly schedule in room 112, after school, from 3:30-5:00. The particularly astute amongst you may have also noticed another change: We have a calendar, to be updated with upcoming events, posted on our homepage! Hooray!


We're back, everybody!

Hey, everyone! As you can hopefully tell, we've recently gone through a major remodeling of our website. Enjoy the new content and interface and please send comments to the webmaster.